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The Price of Sanding and Staining Hardwood Floors in NJ

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NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ Flooring, NY/NJ FlooringAt one time, just about every resident of New Jersey would view mention of “sand” as a reference to what can be found on the State’s beaches. Today, however, a growing number of consumers who live in the Garden State realize that a flooring expert relies on the rough nature of sandpaper. Such paper must be used for sanding those wooden surfaces that have to be refinished.

The Surprisingly Low Cost of a Refinishing Project

Back when the word sand was synonymous with the fine stuff found on beaches, a homeowner had to pay lots of money, in order to have the wooden surface in a room or rooms refinished. Today, that is no longer the case. Now any family can go online and seek-out a means for obtaining low-cost but high-quality wood floors.

The process for the sanding and staining of a hardwood floor involves completion of multiple steps. The cost of such a procedure varies, in accordance with the type of wood used and the location in which that same wooden plank has been finished, before being sent to a waiting customer.  Examination of a plank’s characteristics reveals the many factors that determine how much it costs to sand and stain that same long object.

Those consumers who have contacted NYNJ Flooring before negotiating with a flooring company can be expected to have possession of a particular quote. The steady proliferation of flooring companies has allowed an online shopper to obtain a quote that ensures a shopper’s ongoing access to low prices. Yet the relative abundance of flooring companies with low prices does not reduce the number of options that are available to the shopper.

Like the price charged by the flooring installer, the installer’s tools have undergone marked changes from a period just a decade or two earlier. Armed with that new equipment, an expert in flooring can provide a consumer/homeowner with a huge range of options. One particular option appeals to a great many homeowners.

Those homeowners who elect to take advantage of that particular option get to experience the noteworthy qualities of an engineered wooden floor. That floor’s surface looks just like the one that can be found on genuine hardwood flooring; yet underneath it contains layers of plywood. The plywood’s presence does not detract from the floor’s beauty, and it even allows that same surface to hold-up well, when exposed to heat and humidity.

The family that does not want to invest in an engineered wood floor might elect to explore the benefits attached to pre-finished floors. Each of those pre-finished surfaces has been sanded and stained in the factory. Hence, the usual installation time has been reduced, and the smell linked to the entire process has been eliminated.

 At NYNJ Flooring, Our Options Come with Guarantee

Those of us here at have been offering their expertise and services to customers in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania for more than one decade. Many of them have worked with a family that is on a budget, and thus wants to minimize the cost of any home improvement project. Our company has placed a low price on both of the options that it offers: onsite finishing and pre-finished or engineered flooring.

We have made it easy for any family to transform the look of their home. In fact, we have promised to match any quote that a customer might obtain from a competing company, one that offers the same service. Naturally, our offer of a great price has been linked to a guarantee of great customer service, along with the scheduled arrival of an experienced crew.

Once that crew has arrived at a customer’s residence, it can complete the planned installation without disrupting the lives of those who will walk on the newly-installed floor. Moreover, that crew works with only high-quality material, which was secured by developing a strong relationship with local wood distributors. If you would like to take advantage of our price match and guarantee, then call (732) 768-0741 or (908) 433-6370 today and request a free in-home cost estimate.