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Trying to choose the right color and wood flooring for your New York or New Jersey home? There are so many choices these days, especially what we can provide through NYNJ Flooring. From native hardwoods to exotic hardwoods, it seems there is every spectrum on the color palette available. Today we will cover what a dark wood floor will do for your home, office, or room.

The most common natural dark hardwood available on the market today is walnut. Usually available in planks or strips, walnut has a natural dark tone, especially in its heartwood. The dark wood creates a warm and inviting ambiance wherever it is used.

Dark hardwoods are also very popular for a contemporary look. Today’s respected interior designers often choose dark colors as neutrals in order to create an overall mood for their concept design. In order to use dark hardwoods for a balanced effect, however, it must be balanced with lighter accents in the room. For instance, create harmony in a room with dark flooring and light-colored furniture and/or light-colored exposed beams.

For another nice effect on dark hardwood flooring is to use a high-gloss finish so it acts like a mirror and reflects the room’s furnishings. It will also give a room a bigger sense of depth.

If you don’t have light colored furnishings, metal also contrasts with dark floors too. This is a class contemporary pairing. Or get creative with colors that really pop! Peach, lavender, or mint colors work really well with dark floors.

Find out what dark hardwood flooring we have available for your project by calling us at NYNJ Flooring. We’ll set up an appointment and bring samples.  Contact us today at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com to schedule a visit.


2014 Hardwood Flooring Trends

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Styles come and styles go, and for 2014 there are some noteworthy trends developing in hardwood floors. If you want to have the latest flooring installed anywhere in New York or New Jersey, NYNJ Flooring can do it and save you money. Let’s take a look at what’s popular this year.

Dark hardwood flooring is in! From walnut to ebony and Jacobean stain colors, dark flooring provides a rich, contemporary look. The one “con” is they can show dirt and scratches more easily, but using an extra coat of poly in high-traffic areas (or an area rug), and that’s no problem.

Getting away from reds and oranges seems to be popular. Now it’s about browns and golds, as they are more neutral and easier to decorate with, easier to match with paint colors and accents. Brown, especially, allows you to change your look more easily as trends continue to change (or seasons change).

Some say “gray is the new black,” and it’s certainly been hot for many years now. Grays occur naturally in maples and birch hardwood flooring, and gray absorbs darker colors really well, so if you have dark accents and furnishings this might be right for you. Gray can also be achieved through staining hardwood flooring, which is a service we provide at NYNJ Flooring. Mixing white wash and ebony stains makes a nice gray color stain.

More New York and New Jersey homeowners are opting to finish floors onsite rather than bring in prefinished flooring. That means floors have a better edging and flow. In essence, they look more real and smooth.

Last, forget the gloss. Satin is way in! Glossy finishes can really showcase footprints and scratches, so satin is more manageable and easier to maintain.

Have thoughts about what’s hot? Contact us at NYNJ Flooring at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com to discuss your ideas.


Premier Hardwood Floor Expert in Tri-State

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Random width flooring is one of the easiest, and most cost-saving, things you can do with new hardwood flooring. What is random width flooring you ask? As the name suggests, it’s wood flooring with planks of varying sizes and width so the pattern created isn’t uniform. Popular combinations use hardwood flooring planks of 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16-inch widths, all in the same floor!

What’s nice about random width flooring is that it offers an unlimited number of design possibilities. Even using 3-6-inch width planks you can create no discernible pattern and really cater to your personal preferences in designing a room or floor.

Although it might look “random,” this style of flooring is carefully thought out, so make sure you hire a professional, like our crew at NYNJ Flooring, who can plan the right “random” pattern for every project.

Random width hardwood flooring can actually make a room look bigger, which is why they are very popular for smaller area projects, such as single bedrooms, offices, or small kitchen areas.

What to look rustic? This pattern mimics cabin of the past, when people worked with the wood they had on-hand or could find. It can really work well with plaid furnishings or a rustic, mountain home look.

If you are serious about checking into random width flooring for your home, contact us at NYNJ Flooring and ask us about the various width planks we offer, from two inches to 20 inches. We offer free in-home consultations and can discuss some ideas over the phone. We can set up sample showings in a matter of days. There’s no risk. We’re the preferred hardwood flooring company throughout New York and New Jersey. Contact us today at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com to schedule a visit.