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Hardwood Flooring Stands the Test of Time

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All types of flooring are unique and purposeful when it comes to refurbishing a room inside your home. In fact, different types of flooring can be considered mutually exclusive in terms of their locational placement relative to the spatial flow of your home. In other words, one type of flooring might suit one room better than a different type of flooring and vice versa. For instance, it’s fairly common to find carpeting in bedrooms and living rooms while you might find tilework in kitchens and bathrooms. While these two types of flooring are complementary to any house, they lack the adaptable nature of hardwood flooring when it comes to maintenance, restoration, and durability.

New flooring can be a costly expense, depending on the textural material being replaced. Carpet that is dated, stained, or worn will need to be removed entirely so that its replacement will have a seamless appearance. Tile that has cracks spider-webbing across its ceramic surface will require sectional replacements, which can be a dirty job after it is grouted fast. Hardwood flooring stands apart from any other type of flooring in terms of low maintenance and timeless wear. Historically, owning hardwood flooring was reserved for privileged people, but nowadays its popularity has expanded into many residential homes and professional offices earning its reputation as a centerpiece in style and lastingness. There are so many great features about hardwood flooring, but one distinguishing feature is the ease of restoration at a reasonable price. The process involves sanding and staining your hardwood flooring with a polyurethane sealant that is designed to preserve the life of the wood.

At NYNJ Flooring, we offer an array of hardwood flooring derived from a wide selection of wood species ranked according to their thickness giving customers some perspective on the longevity of their flooring. We also offer various colors, grains, and stylistic designs and patterns to give any residence or commercial space the pizzazz it deserves. Also, our dust-free guarantee is our assurance to you that your home will be clean once we are finished. Call us today at 732-768-0741 or 908-433-6370for your FREE ESTIMATE and we will set to task on laying your new hardwood flooring immediately. For information about our services and products, visit our website at NYNJFlooring.com to facilitate your decision today.


Best Pricing for Hardwood Flooring

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New Floors Can Compliment Any Room

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Are you simply tired of starring at the same 4 walls and same floors? Perhaps you have already tried to rearrange the furniture in your home to no avail. You have added new photo’s to the walls and purchased new curtains yet your home still looks dark and dreary. There is still one thing that you can do to bring your home back to life. The flooring in your home may be taking the look out of your home. This simple chore might be the one thing that can make your home pop or stand out once again.

Do you have carpet or laminate that you want to have taken out and replaced? Maybe you have some hardwood floors that look horrible and are as old as your great grandma. If you want to bring a new life into your home, NYNJ Flooring has the solution.

Here at NYNJ Flooring, there are a large number of families that we have helped to bring their homes back to life. We can tackle any taste and we offer a wide selection of hardwood flooring options that you can have installed. If you are looking to keep your floors but want them to look new once again, we can handle that task as well. We can work with you no matter what task you need to have done. The floors in your home should bring out the rest of the home and can be an important investment for decades down the road. If you like exotic woods or simply dark or light colors of wood, we carry those as well.

If you want to reinvent your space and bring a new breathe of fresh air into the home, new flooring colors can bring life to nearly every home. The decorating ideas that you have in mind can help to influence the type of flooring you want to have in your home. If you are interested in a free estimate, you can contact us by phone at 732-768-0741 or at 908-433-6370. We are more than happy to come out and perform a free estimate. If you have any questions about what we can do, feel free to ask us whatever you need to know. The appearance of your home makes a difference in how you feel about your home and is important to you so therefore it is equally as important to us.


Installing new flooring is a big part of renovating or building a home or business, and the options are plentiful.  Carpet is certainly among the lowest cost options, but it wears out quickly and can have to be fully replaced if it becomes damaged or is stained.  Other options, such as tile, can be a bit more costly and can be easily shattered or damaged, resulting in major repair costs.  If you are looking for a flooring option that is truly cost effective, hardwood flooring is the only way to go.

Hardwood flooring may not be the cheapest option if you only look at initial cost, but by working with NYNJ Flooring, we can help you get the absolute best prices.  Where the true value of hardwood flooring comes in, however, is in longevity and reparability.  If your hardwood floors are scratched, they can be easily repaired, and even severe damage can be fixed through sanding and restoration. When coupled with the fact that a high quality hardwood floor can last the lifetime of your home, it is easy to see why hardwood is considered to be the best value overall. Buying from your installer can help you get great initial prices, while the fact that it can be easily stained means that you don’t have to buy new floors in order to create a new look.

If you have questions about the value of hardwood flooring or the impact it can have on the value of your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact NYNJ Flooring. We have proudly served the tri-state area for more than a decade and offer the best in hardwood flooring services at a great price.  To schedule a free estimate or to get answers to your questions from one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, simply give us a call at 732-768-0741 or 908-433-6370 or fill out the form here at NYNJFlooring.com. Hardwood floors are an incredibly cost effective way to build or redo one or more rooms in your home or business, and we would love to help you create a look that is designed to last a lifetime!