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Trying to choose the right color and wood flooring for your New York or New Jersey home? There are so many choices these days, especially what we can provide through NYNJ Flooring. From native hardwoods to exotic hardwoods, it seems there is every spectrum on the color palette available. Today we will cover what a dark wood floor will do for your home, office, or room.

The most common natural dark hardwood available on the market today is walnut. Usually available in planks or strips, walnut has a natural dark tone, especially in its heartwood. The dark wood creates a warm and inviting ambiance wherever it is used.

Dark hardwoods are also very popular for a contemporary look. Today’s respected interior designers often choose dark colors as neutrals in order to create an overall mood for their concept design. In order to use dark hardwoods for a balanced effect, however, it must be balanced with lighter accents in the room. For instance, create harmony in a room with dark flooring and light-colored furniture and/or light-colored exposed beams.

For another nice effect on dark hardwood flooring is to use a high-gloss finish so it acts like a mirror and reflects the room’s furnishings. It will also give a room a bigger sense of depth.

If you don’t have light colored furnishings, metal also contrasts with dark floors too. This is a class contemporary pairing. Or get creative with colors that really pop! Peach, lavender, or mint colors work really well with dark floors.

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Best choice for Carpets to Flooring

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Nowadays almost every product you pick up at any store is made somewhere other than America. There are some things, though, that you just can’t manufacture in China and American hardwood is among them. At NYNJ Flooring, our staff can help you choose from among 11 types of hardwood flooring for your home that are uniquely American, and you can read more about them at Hardwoodinfo.com.

  1. Ash

At one time, this American hardwood was used to make windmills and, later, tennis racquets. As flooring, it is a lighter wood that can brighten up any room.

  1. Beech

Its pliable bark was once used as a sort of paper for writing. Today, beech wood is available in limited supplies and may be expensive. Colors range from white with reddish streaks to shades of brown.

  1. Black walnut

Walnuts have a history of symbolizing fertility and colors range from creamy white to light brown and chocolate.

  1. Cherry

Its wood is perhaps one of the finest in the American hardwood family. Cherry wood ranges from creamy white to dark red and can actually darken with age.

  1. Cypress

Found mostly in the Southern states, cypress grows best in swampy areas. The wood has a high-tolerance for moist conditions. Colors range from pale yellow-white to a reddish-brown.

  1. Sycamore

You might find this wood used to build everything from butcher blocks to fruit crates. Sycamore wood is valued for its rigidity and colors range from white and yellow to dark brown.

  1. Red elm

This American hardwood is used to make caskets as well as flooring. It has a high level of shock resistance and a reddish brown color.

  1. Red oak

Red oak is one of the most abundant woods in America, is known for its strength, and for flooring its colors range from white to light brown.

  1. Hard maple

With colors ranging from creamy white with reddish brown highlights, maple is known as a tough material for flooring because it resists wear and tear better than most.

  1. Hickory and pecan

These trees have the same type of wood, but only one bears the edible nuts. They are both beautiful, light-colored woods with brown tinges. True hickory is considered stronger wood than the pecan.

  1. White oak

White oak wood is extremely water-resistant, making it popular in boat-building as well as flooring. Its colors range from light to dark brown.


When you look at clean, buffed, hardwood flooring, you might think it requires high maintenance. But, who says, ‘Beauty doesn’t come easy,’ when it all it really takes is some quick, simple methods to preserve the original integrity and shine of your hardwood flooring. NYNJ Flooring can give you some spot-on pointers to make your floors look spot-less!

The following eight suggestions can enrich the health of your hardwood flooring without fail:

1.) Use Dust Mop- Dirt and debris collects on hardwood floors over time. A dust mop with a soft felt pad reduces abrasive friction, which can cause scratches and notches to appear. Try to avoid brooms with coarse bristles made of polystyrene and, especially, metal fibers since they can scrape the sealant right off.

2.) Remove Shoes-Running, walking, or dragging footwear along hardwood floors can leave unsightly black scuff marks. Whether you have cleats, heels, or vulcanized rubber soles, each one has the potential to nick, scratch, or scuff hardwood flooring. It’s always best to kick off your shoes for the sake ofyour hardwood flooring.

3.) Vacuum Regularly-Most brush-roll vacuum cleaners have an adjustable dial or switch to raise and lower the roller based on suction capacity for each type of flooring whether it’s carpet or hardwood.

4.) Know Your Hardwood-New hardwood floors are coated with a protective water or oil-based sealant like polyurethane giving your floors a more durable effect. Older floors use a varnish or lacquer surfacing making them less water-resistant. If you know what kind of sealant is on your floor, take precaution against using excess water during mopping, which can create buckling or warping and, even rotting.

5.) Use Dry-damp Mop to Clean Floors-Remember, hardwood floors are organic because their material comes from trees. Unlike trees that require heavy water saturation—hardwood floors require just the opposite! Saturate a microfiber mop in a bucket of water and wring it out thoroughly until it is nearly DRY!

6.) Pets and Hardwood-Our pets sometimes love to run and frolic and those nails can really scratch up the works. Keep their nails trimmed or slip on some booties to avoid this problem.

7.) Area Rug Placement-You might not always be able to control who and when your hardwood floors are being walked on. Let’s face it, people come and go as they please whether it’s the owners or guests. A simple solution is to place area rugs in different locations, depending on the heaviest traffic. This reduces nicks, scratches, or scuffs from appearing.

8.) Moving Heavy Furniture-At some point, whether you’re moving in or just simply wanting to rearrange your décor, furniture will be moved. If you have top-heavy furniture, it’s always best to have either some really strong people to lift and carry or to use protective sliding pads to fit under furniture leg supports to scoot furniture along the surface.

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