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Your Hardwood Floors Can Last A Lifetime

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When selecting a flooring type for your home, you should know that you have many options available. You are able to select from a vast number of materials from laminate to carpet to tile and hardwood flooring. To each type of material used, there are pro’s and con’s. Some materials are more versatile than others and some last longer than others however no matter which way you opt to go, NYNJ Flooring has the solution to your problem.


One of the many reasons that people opt to have hardwood flooring installed into their homes is the idea that it can last a lifetime but this is only true if the material is cared for properly. While you sit and think about the idea of installing new flooring into your home, think about this; new carpet simply means that you take up the old carpet and install new padding and carpet but your old, worn down hardwood floors can be done by simply sanding them down and staining them a whole new color. If you have stains on the wood that are caused from pets, well, that can be taken care of as well. That is why more people choose to install hardwood floors in their home. There may be more work to keeping them shiny and clean but the hardwood floors will last much longer than your typical carpeting would.


With NYNJ Flooring, we understand that you do not want to spend money on something that is not going to last for years. We know that you want to invest in your home and therefore want to have the best result possible. We will work with you to understand all of your needs and expectations. Once we have a general idea of what you want to have done, we will then give you an estimate on what you can expect to pay or spend to have that done. We offer competitive rates and therefore are usually the better price than other competitors. If you are interested in a free estimate, give us a call at 732-768-0741 or at908-433-6370. You can also visit us online at www.NYNJFlooring.comOnce you have contacted us, we are able to setup a date and time for when a good time would be to come out and give you an estimate. From there, someone is able to answer any additional questions that you might have. If you do not know the difference between the different types of hardwood flooring, someone can bring out samples for you to see to help explain which hardwoods are better to use.


New Floors Can Compliment Any Room

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Are you simply tired of starring at the same 4 walls and same floors? Perhaps you have already tried to rearrange the furniture in your home to no avail. You have added new photo’s to the walls and purchased new curtains yet your home still looks dark and dreary. There is still one thing that you can do to bring your home back to life. The flooring in your home may be taking the look out of your home. This simple chore might be the one thing that can make your home pop or stand out once again.

Do you have carpet or laminate that you want to have taken out and replaced? Maybe you have some hardwood floors that look horrible and are as old as your great grandma. If you want to bring a new life into your home, NYNJ Flooring has the solution.

Here at NYNJ Flooring, there are a large number of families that we have helped to bring their homes back to life. We can tackle any taste and we offer a wide selection of hardwood flooring options that you can have installed. If you are looking to keep your floors but want them to look new once again, we can handle that task as well. We can work with you no matter what task you need to have done. The floors in your home should bring out the rest of the home and can be an important investment for decades down the road. If you like exotic woods or simply dark or light colors of wood, we carry those as well.

If you want to reinvent your space and bring a new breathe of fresh air into the home, new flooring colors can bring life to nearly every home. The decorating ideas that you have in mind can help to influence the type of flooring you want to have in your home. If you are interested in a free estimate, you can contact us by phone at 732-768-0741 or at 908-433-6370. We are more than happy to come out and perform a free estimate. If you have any questions about what we can do, feel free to ask us whatever you need to know. The appearance of your home makes a difference in how you feel about your home and is important to you so therefore it is equally as important to us.


Schedule a Hardwood Flooring Free Estimate

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NYNJ Flooring It used to be that if your home rested on a concrete slab, you couldn’t have hardwood floors. This was because moisture could get trapped beneath the wood, leading to mildew, wood cracking, and warping. Plus, it was just too uncomfortable. But that’s not the case anymore. Advancements in wood flooring technology have made it possible for those with concrete foundations to enjoy the beauty, warmth, and easy maintenance that come with wood floors.

NYNJ Flooring can install brand-new, beautiful hardwood flooring in your home, no matter the base surface. But there are still a few special considerations. Before starting, we’ll survey the concrete and make specific accommodations to ensure your new hardwood floor is lovely and long-lasting. Here are a few things to keep in mind before getting started:

Moisture Management Is Key

As you may know, concrete holds on to moisture really well. For those who want hardwood floors, this can be a bad thing. This is because the moisture can get trapped between the concrete and the wood, leading to all sorts of problems, like mold, warped wood, and even loose floorboards. So we take moisture management very seriously. Before installing on a concrete slab, we use special temperature-control and ventilation tools to ensure the surface is 100% dry. Then we install a watertight subfloor so absolutely no moisture can get in. If you’re installing wood flooring on a new home, we require a two-month wait before starting to ensure the new concrete is completely dry.

Opt for Engineered Wood

Engineered wood is a new development and is perfect for homes with concrete foundations. Engineered wood is made of around 5 or 6 layers of plywood, topped by a plank of hardwood. The plywood serves as a barrier between the concrete and the top layer, meaning it’s harder for any moisture to come in contact with the hardwood and ruin it. Plus, engineered wood makes for a cushier floor. When you have hardwood right on top of concrete, it can be really cold and really hard on the feet and knees. Imagine standing on that or having your kids play on it! Engineered wood solves this problem, since plywood is quite soft, and is cushioned by the air between the layers.


Our company was one of the first in the tri-state area to start working on concrete slabs. This is because we value our customers and value a job well done. Patience, expertise, and custom work are the keys to having a successful hardwood floor installation on top of concrete. We’ll walk you through the process, and do everything we can do get rid of moisture issues and structural issues before starting. You can trust NYNJ Flooring to give you a stress-free installation experience. Serving customers in the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania area for more than ten years has led to a reputation for proving quality work, great service, and budget-friendly pricing, no matter how intricate the project. We offer a warranty on all our work, so satisfaction is guaranteed. Go to our website, nynjflooring.com, to learn more about installing hardwood on concrete. You can also call us at 1-732-768-0741 and schedule a free in-home consultation.