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Hardwood Flooring Dust Free Guarantee

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NJNY Flooring

As you may know, NYNJ Flooring has a reputation as the tri-state area’s best company for hardwood installation and refinishing. Low prices, good work, and good customer service are what we’re known for. But did you know we also do custom flooring and custom woodcutting for our customers? If you want a funky new floor, or just need a way to add flooring around your stairs or cabinets, we have a great team of designers and installers that can do just that. Our custom flooring unit pays attention to detail, so that you get exactly what you want. We’ll talk with you every step of the way to make sure your custom flooring is a perfect match.

If you’re considering a custom flooring renovation, give us a call for a free in-home consultation. At this consultation, we’ll help you determine what your needs are and will plan out an accurate budget and time frame for the project. Next, give us the go-ahead, and we’ll start making your custom flooring dreams a reality. You should know that NYNJ Flooring prides itself on customer interaction and satisfaction. This is your home and your project, so we want you to be involved all the way through. We know there are a lot of other hardwood flooring companies to choose from in the area, so we do our best to set ourselves apart through word-of-mouth and a reputation for friendliness. We combine excellent customer service with top-notch professionalism to give customers the best contracting experience they’ve ever had. Here are just a few ways our company sets itself apart from our tri-state competitors:

Quick Turn-Around

The number-one complaint people have against contractors is that they go way over time. A project that was supposed to take one week now takes two. Once you call us, we’ll give you a start date and time estimate within the next 2-3 days. And we see that time estimate as a commitment. Efficiency and honesty are core values at our company, and we do all we can to stay on time while still giving you excellent, long-lasting results.

Custom Projects

Whether it’s conventional pine flooring, engineered wood, exotic wood, or anything in between, our company has the tools and experience to execute the project. We are trained to do custom cutting and staining, and carry a large inventory of woods and stains, so there’s no project we can’t take on.

A Concern for Budget

Hardwood flooring is one of the most cost-effective home renovation projects. That’s why so many people choose to do it. We always keep this in mind as we do a project, and have a commitment toward not going over budget. Plus, our wholesale warehouse allows us to offer the best deals on wood and wood stain in the area.

Dust-Free Guarantee

Our philosophy is that any home left dirty after a project isn’t a finished job. We prepare your home for the project by covering furniture and appliances, then clean up after we’re done, leaving your home as clean as it was before – or maybe even cleaner! We also have a special dust vacuum that sucks up dirt and sawdust as we work, making the whole process easy for everyone.

A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Our success depends on your satisfaction. We’ve built a reputation through happy customers, who have referred us to their friends and neighbors. Because of this, we treat every project with the same amount of care and consideration, no matter how big or how small. Our goal is to make hardwood flooring installation and refinishing as worry-free as possible for our customers.

If you’re considering an update to your flooring, try us out. NYNJ Flooring has the experience needed to get the job done well, we promise. Call us today at 1-732-768-0741 or go online at nynjflooring.com to get started.