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Installing new flooring is a big part of renovating or building a home or business, and the options are plentiful.  Carpet is certainly among the lowest cost options, but it wears out quickly and can have to be fully replaced if it becomes damaged or is stained.  Other options, such as tile, can be a bit more costly and can be easily shattered or damaged, resulting in major repair costs.  If you are looking for a flooring option that is truly cost effective, hardwood flooring is the only way to go.

Hardwood flooring may not be the cheapest option if you only look at initial cost, but by working with NYNJ Flooring, we can help you get the absolute best prices.  Where the true value of hardwood flooring comes in, however, is in longevity and reparability.  If your hardwood floors are scratched, they can be easily repaired, and even severe damage can be fixed through sanding and restoration. When coupled with the fact that a high quality hardwood floor can last the lifetime of your home, it is easy to see why hardwood is considered to be the best value overall. Buying from your installer can help you get great initial prices, while the fact that it can be easily stained means that you don’t have to buy new floors in order to create a new look.

If you have questions about the value of hardwood flooring or the impact it can have on the value of your home or business, don’t hesitate to contact NYNJ Flooring. We have proudly served the tri-state area for more than a decade and offer the best in hardwood flooring services at a great price.  To schedule a free estimate or to get answers to your questions from one of our friendly and knowledgeable team members, simply give us a call at 732-768-0741 or 908-433-6370 or fill out the form here at NYNJFlooring.com. Hardwood floors are an incredibly cost effective way to build or redo one or more rooms in your home or business, and we would love to help you create a look that is designed to last a lifetime!


Hardwood Flooring Can Last a Lifetime

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When it comes to choosing a flooring type, you have many options.  You can choose to install virtually any type of flooring in your home from laminate to carpet and from tile to hardwood. There are certainly pros and  cons to each flooring type, but if versatility, beauty and longevity factor into the decision you are making, hardwood flooring is certainly the way to go. Quality hardwood flooring has been known to last a century or more, and when it comes to options, you will find that you have plenty.

One of the reasons that many people choose hardwood flooring is the fact that it offers excellent longevity without confining the room to a singular look.  In other words, while in order to change the color of your carpet you would have to install new carpet, you can change the look of your hardwood floors simply by having them sanded and stained a new color.  This not only saves you money, but it makes it a breeze to update the look of your home. With flooring that is so versatile and that comes in so many types and colors, it is easy to see why hardwood flooring has been so popular for so many years.

At NYNJ Flooring, we know that you want flooring that is designed to last and that will look excellent in the process.  We have more than a decade of experience in the hardwood flooring industry, and we will work hard to help you find the ideal wood and the ideal stain for any room in your home.  Whether you are looking for new flooring installation or want to breathe new life into existing hardwood floors, we can make it happen. And with our dust free guarantee, you can rest assured that we will leave your home as clean as it was before we arrived. For a free estimate or to leran more about our services, call us today at 732-768-0741 or 908-433-6370 or visit us online at NYNJFlooring.com.


Hardwood Flooring for the Home Office

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NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ Flooring, NY/NJ FlooringWhether you telecommute or run a full-time business from your home, a home office can benefit greatly from hardwood flooring. They provide durable flooring for one of the most high-traffic areas in your home, and they are beautiful to look at all day long.

What some people don’t realize that the home office can really be an extension of the home. That means it doesn’t have to look like you’re walking into an enlarged cubicle; a home office can have a “homey” feel to it, and the hardwood floors can (and should) complement the rest of the home’s décor.

Perhaps your home office has a magnificent work area, a stately wood desk that overpowers everything else. Today, however, many work-at-home people are choosing to “lighten up” and go with freestanding desks and bookcases so they can easily rearrange their office as it suits them. A smaller work area or freestanding desk can also add space to your office, literally and figuratively, making an office look bigger than it is.

If your office doubles as a guest bedroom, it’s all the more important to capture that at-home feeling in the home office. Hardwood flooring can do that. Another nice touch in the home office is to add a Murphy Bed (aka. Drop-down bed) with a wood frame so it matches the wood flooring. This allows you to host a guest at a moment’s notice but still retain space in your office.

A home office doesn’t have to be un-inspiring. Just ask us what home offices we have helped remodel or floor.

If you have questions about flooring home office projects get a hold of us at NYNJ Flooring. You can also check us out at http://www.nynjflooring.com.