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NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ FlooringThere is no shortage of dust in the air that surrounds the communities in New Jersey, Eastern Pennsylvania and the NYC Metro area. Still, here at NYNJ Flooring, we do not use that fact as an excuse for leaving ahome full of dust, after we have installed or refinished a floor. We use our expertise to make certain that our staining, sanding, restoring, refinishing and installation services have been combined with the readiness to perform a thorough clean-up.

We do not feel that we can claim to have completed a given job until we have removed all the associated debris and dust. Moreover, we would never commence a project without first gaining the customer’s trust, by providing that same person with access to our great customer service. We hope that such assurances manage to highlight our attitude and method of operation. That attitude and method has formed the basis of our Dust Free Guarantee.

Our Guarantee’s Noteworthy Features

Our Dust Free Guarantee has helped us to distinguish ourselves from
the other flooring companies that operate within the Tri-State area. We have not claimed to have developed an installation and refinishing process that never produces a speck of dust.  Rather, we make sure that any dust produced by our team has been removed, before it can mar the beauty of your home or interfere with the activities that take place within your residence.

We have sought-out and utilized special equipment, tools that help us to prevent an excess build-up of dust during the sanding process. In other words, we maintain a concern for the produced dust throughout the length of each job. For that reason, we take the time to cover all the affected vents and furniture, even though we utilize a special vacuum system, while carrying-out any required sanding process.

Furthermore, here at NYNJ Flooring, we believe that a customer’s wishes must be respected both during a job and once that same task has come to an end. For that reason, we always schedule a final walk through of the area with the improved floor. We check for evidence that the cleanup work has been done to the customer’s satisfaction. We also ask the customer if there are any other issues that we might have overlooked. More details on that procedure can be found at www.nynjflooring.com.

We Are Waiting to Get a Call from You

Those of use at NYNJ Flooring would welcome the opportunity to work with you, in order to improve the look of the floors in your home. We make visits six days a week, in order to provide those customers who have contacted us with a free estimate. Once we have secured a customer’s OK, we do not delay the progress on any project. We make sure that the planned job has commenced within a period of days.

We invite you to give us a call. Use the telephone to reach us; dial either (732) 768-0741 or (908) 433-6370. Both numbers will allow you to reach the customer service team at NYNJ Flooring. Both numbers will allow you to become one of the pleased clients that praise our services, when speaking with others who live in the tri-state area. We are proud of the fact that our excellent services motivate many customers to provide us with a referral.


stain-minwaxIf you are looking for the hardwood flooring experts for New Jersey, New York, and Eastern Pennsylvania, look no further than NYNJ Flooring. We provide a vast array of services, including staining, sanding, restoration, refinishing, and installation. NYNJ Flooring is exceptionally dedicated to customer service, and you will find that we work with only the highest quality products while providing affordable pricing and a dependable crew that will do everything necessary to help you achieve that beautiful new living space you’ve been dreaming of! Whether you want to replace your existing floors or simply refinish them, we can help you get the job done.

Our Dust Free Guarantee

Our Dust Free Guarantee is one of the many things that help to set us apart from other companies located here in the Tri-State area. We know that dust and debris are part and parcel of the installation and refinishing process, and we cannot change this. What we can do, however, is make sure that this debris doesn’t have a negative effect on the job or your home. We will take steps throughout the project to help contain the dust and debris that is generated, reducing its ability to spread throughout the home so that when the job is done we can leave your home free and clear of dust.

We have found that one of the best ways to prevent excess dust and debris is to utilize special tools during the sanding process. We don’t wait until sanding is done to try to pick up any dust that has accumulated, as this would allow too many particles to make their way around your home. Instead, we cover all of your vents and furniture and utilize a special vacuum system during the sanding process.

At NYNJ Flooring, we believe that a job continues until you are not only satisfied with your beautiful new floors, but also with our cleanup work. We will schedule a final walk through of your home after any project so that you can let us know if there are any areas of concern that we should take care of. We make sure that you are completely comfortable before our team members leave your home. It’s our dust free guarantee and our promise to you. See more at www.nynjflooring.com.

Give Us a Call Today

At NYNJ Flooring, we would love the opportunity to work with you. You will find that we provide free estimates six days a week and that, should you choose to work with us, it typically only takes days, not weeks, before your project can begin. Give us the opportunity to show you how our excellent and affordable prices, our to notch customer service, and our superior products help set us apart from our competition.

Give the team at NYNJ Flooring a call at (732) 768-0741 or (908) 433-6370 in order to speak with one of our customer service experts about what you envision for your home. We have thousands of happy clients throughout the tri-state area and are proud to receive numerous customer referrals. We know that installing or refinishing a hardwood floor is a big decision and one that you can’t entrust to just anyone. If you are looking for the best job and a team you can trust, give NYNJ Flooring a call today!