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Installing New Hardwood Flooring

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How a Tree Becomes a Hardwood Floor

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Ever wonder how a beautiful hardwood tree becomes hardwood flooring planks that also make your home beautiful? Don’t worry, we get this question time and again. Let’s cover all the steps that turn tree into floor.NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ Flooring, NY/NJ Flooring

The first step is to locate the right logs that will make great planks. We ensure that all trees used in our projects are safely and sustainably harvested. We want to be in business a long time, so this is important to us.

Once the right logs are identified, they go through a debarking process. This machine removes the bark from each log, all the way around, from one end to the other. The bark usually has another use too; it often feeds the kilns used to dry the planks.

After the bark has been removed, it is measured, often by laser, to determine the best cuts. Then the first cut is made that makes one flat side. This strip is destined for crown molding or the chipper.

Next comes slicing. Planks are either plainsawn, riftsawn, or quartersawn, depending on the wood. Plainsawn creates familiar “cathedral” patterns on the surface and horizontal grain when viewed from the end. Riftsawn planks are cut 30-60 degrees from the face of the board, and these produce narrow and straight grain patterns. Quartersawn boards yield very distinctive marks on the boards, called “figures” or “flecks.” These marks can vary drastically depending on the wood used.

Then these boards are trimmed to the right size, followed by any customizing that needs to be done, including cutting long boards down to short ones. Boards are also planed down so they have an exact thickness to each other.

Then they are graded for quality, dried via kilns at temps between 100 and 180 degrees, then finished and sent to the distributor. Then NYNJ Flooring supplies them for your home project.


NYNJ Flooring
From local hardwoods to exotics import woods, we have access to everything from birch, walnut, oak, maple, pine and fir trees, to woods some might not even be able to pronounce. Yet if one of the teams at NYNJ Flooring has been asked to install a floor, it doesn’t matter which wood we work with, our team knows how to treat and install them all equally. That comes from years of experience working with all kinds of woods and wood flooring.

Here at NY NJ Flooring, we do not refuse any job, no matter what the wood is that’s needed for the project. We carefully train all our craftsmen so they can bring to life the beautiful intricacies of any hardwood or exotic wood.

Many of our employees at NYNJ Flooring enjoy woodworking so much they also do their own projects at home. This provides yet another outlet for their creativity and keeps them sharp when they are in your home working on your hardwood flooring restoration or installation. We value their passion, and it shows in the projects we have done for our customers.

If there is a wood you know of that you think would be a perfect fit for your home or room, let us know. We can track it down at the best price and get it into your home. If you’re curious about multiple woods, just talk to us and we’ll sit down and discuss the pros and cons of any wood as it relates to the project you need completed.

We believe that our teams of employees are truly artists at heart. Their devotion to their craft is what sets our services apart from hardwood flooring “laborers.” We go the extra mile, provide the extra touch to your floors that will surely set them apart and be the talking point of your next party or visit from friends and family.

The customers of NYNJ Flooring are satisfied with our work because we care about what we do. We strive to be the best, no matter if we are working with local hardwoods or foreign specialty woods. We know them all.

If you select NY NJ Flooring as the company that is going to install or refinish your wood floor, then you will feel confident that the company’s crew will listen to your directions. You can expect that same crew to finish on schedule and within the stated budget.


NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ FlooringThose who have utilized the services offered by NYNJ Flooring understand why our company has been praised throughout the tri-state area. Our experts have been trained to deal with both residential and commercial hardwood floors. Moreover, we use a wood of the highest quality, while allowing our customers to pick the stain and finish of their choice. Furthermore, our team displays the upmost efficiency, completing a given project in a short span of time.

In addition to serving as a source of trained floor-installers, we also use our expertise to help those with scratched or dull floors. We know how to improve the look of a damaged hardwood floor. Yet, we have taken the time to provide our customers with details on how to limit the damaging effects of humidity and temperature fluctuations. Both such conditions can cause wood to undergo a harmful expansion.

How We Approach the Refinishing Process

At NYNJ Flooring, we respect the significance of each step in the refinishing process.

  1. A poorly prepared surface cannot be refinished satisfactorily. Hence, we initiate each refinishing process by sanding the surface that needs to be refinished. At that time, we make an effort to limit the amount of dust that is created, and we cover the furniture and vents in the region of the sanding.
  2. We secure the most up-to-date tools for the sanding procedure. If we had chosen to utilize equipment that was not made for professionals, we could not be assured of obtaining a smooth finish. In the absence of a smooth finish, we could not feel assured of providing our customers with a satisfactory result, once the surface has been refinished.
  3. Buffering must follow the sanding. It is a procedure that can add to the accumulating dust. Yet here at NYNJ Flooring, we utilize a full buffering process. In that way, we make it easier for our team to clean up the resulting mess, before proceeding to the next step.
  4. The next step calls-for a staining and finishing of the sanded surface. Our team makes a point of applying multiple coats, when the color-choice demands such an approach. In addition, that team gives careful attention to the stained edges and corners.
  5. We have instituted a five-step process, because we do not overlook the importance of the cleanup. Here at NYNJ Flooring, we know that our customers will not be pleased, if the improved room has not been left in good condition. That is why we have introduced the dust-free guarantee.

NYNJ Flooring Gives Old Floors a Refreshing New Look

If  have tired of seeing the worn and faded look of your hardwood floor, then we encourage you to contact us at www.nynjflooring.com. If you prefer to speak with someone over the phone, then you can call either (732) 768-0741 or (908) 433-6370. Once you have explained what you want done, we will schedule time for making a no-risk, cost-free, in-home estimate. After you get the estimate, you have a chance to ask that we initiate a project.

If you give your OK to such a project, we will start the scheduled job in matter of days. Meanwhile, we will obtain the high quality materials and equipment that will allow us to do that particular job in a professional manner. Our customers delight in our affordable prices, but are never expected to accept inferior workmanship. No wonder residents throughout New York, New Jersey and eastern Pennsylvania praise NYNJ Flooring.


NYNJ Flooring, NY/NJ Flooring,  NY-NJ FlooringConsider the costs incurred by the homeowner who must replace some carpeting that has become worn or stained.  Sometimes, that expensive addition to a residence soon loses its appeal, because it features an out-dated design. Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Hence, it adds value to the condominium or house in which it has been used.

Moreover, that value has been enhanced by some of the other characteristics of a wooden floor. Such a floor helps the residents in a home to feel a bit warmer on a cold winter day. It can complement the beauty of a room’s furnishings. Furthermore, each such characteristic contributes to a home’s value for an extended period of time.

A homeowner may believe that such a beautiful and long-lasting product must be expensive. Actually, installation of such floors does not force the owner of a family dwelling to invest a large amount of money. For those consumers who seek an inexpensive means for replacing carpets with a wooden surface, engineered wood flooring should be considered as sensible option.

Those who elect to pursue that option get to walk on a layer of solid wood, one that covers layers which contain a different sort of material. Under that layer of premium material there are several layers of low-cost woods. The entire surface looks as lovely as genuine hardwood flooring, but it manages to withstand heat and humidity much better than a surface that has been constructed from only the finest of woods.

That means that such surfaces can be utilized in a basement. That is just the sort of spot where a family does not require an expensive option. Still, parents and their children can benefit from the floor’s ability to provide added warmth, while enhancing the appeal of the room in that underground level.

Realtors have learned from experience that a possible buyer tends to prefer a house with wood floors. Homeowners appreciate the extent to which acknowledgement of such a preference can be used to shorten the time that a given house remains on the market. Typically, that short time-span ends with completion of a deal that allows the seller to acquire a substantial amount of extra cash.

A consumer’s readiness to invest in engineered wood flooring does not mean that such a decision eliminates the chances for negotiating a great deal. That fact underlines the option’s appeal in the eyes of a family on a budget. A budget-minded shopper can get estimates from various companies and seek a company that offers both low prices and lots of flexibility, when it comes time to schedule the required installation.

For those who live in the Tri-state area, an examination of such estimates is sure to spotlight the desirability of NYNJ Flooring. It frequently works with shoppers who must limit the amount of cash that will be spent on a floor’s new surface. Moreover, estimates offered by the company’s technician will not be altered, once the requested product covers the selected room or rooms. Those consumers who seek more information can click onto www.nynjflooring.com. Alternatively, that search for more details could entail placement of a phone call to (732) 768-0741 or to this number: (908) 433-6370.