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Get Those Stains Out of Hardwood Floors

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Removing stains from hardwood flooring is an important task to preserving its luster and value. Spills, outside moisture, and water damage can come from anywhere. If you don’t treat it quickly and properly then serious damage can occur. But don’t worry, there are quick and easy ways to get those stains out of hardwood floors.

With some basic guidance and knowledge, stains are a thing of the past. Generally, there are two types of wood stains: those in which water has penetrated the wood flooring (looks like a black mark), or when the water has only penetrated the finish of the wood flooring (looks like a white mark). First, you’ll need to know which kind of stain you have.

What does it look like?

White looking stains mean the water/moisture has not seeped into the grain of the wood, yet, and these stains are much easier to remove. Start by using a fine steel wool soaked in lemon oil. Gently rub the spot with the steel wool. Often this is all you need to do. Lemon oil is a lubricant, not a stain remover, so it’s the steel wool that’s doing the work.

If your stain is black, that means moisture has absorbed into the wood. This can be more difficult to remove. You’ll actually need to sand down the affected area to remove the finish and access the wood. After lightly sanding the area you can use a regular household cleaner, like bleach, to work out the stain. Try cleaning it multiple times, leaving several hours between tries. If this does not work, use a commercial wood bleach. After time and some effort, most of these stains come clean.

What if it doesn’t work?

If you tried to remove the stain and it doesn’t work, it’s time to call us at NYNJ Flooring so we can help. NYNJ Flooring has over 10 years of experience removing all kinds of stains on hardwood flooring. We work throughout the New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania areas. See our work at www.nynjflooring.com

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NYNJ Flooring

Is it about time for you to have your worn or old hardwood floors refinished? It’s certainly an environmentally friendly decision, and it is one that can even help increase the value of your home. But it’s not a decision to take lightly, as the project can certainly be a bit large and overwhelming if you try to complete it as a do-it-yourself project. What you may not realize is that you can actually hire a team of professionals to do the job for you without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, you can hire an affordable, professional company to refinish your existing hardwood floors and to give your home a beautiful, brand new look.

At NYNJ Flooring, we are a full service hardwood flooring company offering top notch, professional staining services throughout New York, New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. You will find that we will complete all of the necessary steps for refinishing your floors, including getting your home ready for refinishing, sanding down the existing floors, working with you to find the ideal stain color, applying an even coating of stain, buffing the floor, and providing thorough clean-up service when the job is done.

Our team is highly dependable and has years of experience in hardwood floor refinishing. We believe that no job is too big or too small. If you are looking for a unique design or hope to really change the way your home looks, you will discover that we aren’t afraid to think outside the box. We know that it takes trust to choose a team and allow them into your home, and we want you to know that we take your trust seriously and will do what it takes from the very beginning to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the project.

One of the most exciting parts of the refinishing process, and the part where homeowners really get to put their own personal touch on things, is selecting the perfect stain. We know that this can be a tough decision, and you will find that we offer many choices and can even make recommendations based on your wants and needs. If you plan to keep your existing floors or are looking to match the old floors being refinished, you will find that we can do that. We can also stain only a small portion of the floor initially in order to ensure that you like the way it looks.

At NYNJ Flooring, we are focused on providing high quality products and the best in customer service while also providing the best pricing available in New York, Northern New Jersey, and eastern Pennsylvania. We work to schedule jobs as quickly as is possible, and you will find that we offer free estimates 6 days a week. If you are considering refinishing your hardwood floors, NYNJ Flooring (www.nynjflooring.com) is the only company you need to consider. We have customer service representatives waiting to take your call and to schedule a time for our experts to come to your home. Simply give us a call at (732) 768-0741 or (908) 433-6370 today!