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Why Do You Want Hardwood Flooring?

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There are always many options when designing or remodeling your home, especially in New York and New Jersey, where we have access to nearly everything imaginable. At NYNJ Flooring, however, we go over the reasons why hardwood flooring makes sense for your project, or your room. Here are some things to consider.

Hardwood floors are classically beautiful. It creates a “wow factor” when people visit your home. Their eyes are immediately drawn down to the floor, following the grain and admiring the stain of the hardwood. They see it, as you do, as an investment in the home and will increase its value, and it will last for generations!

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, there are many options available with hardwood flooring. They can offer a natural rustic look, or something that’s clean and contemporary.

But did you know that hardwood flooring can actually improve your health? Hardwood floors can alleviate symptoms caused by allergens because they don’t get caught in flooring as they do in carpets and fibers. Moreover, hardwood flooring is softer than tile, and if you spend hours in the kitchen, your feet will be thankful for it.

Wood flooring is also very fun. It’s nostalgic; it’s meaningful. Remember when kids slid across the room in socks, rolled balls and cars as far as they could across them? Living with hardwood flooring is a statement that you care about your home’s worth and your family’s health and happiness.

If you want to know more about hardwood flooring options, contact NYNJ Flooring at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com today! We will go over all options available to you, from strip flooring, laminate flooring, and plank flooring. We will also know if we can restore your existing flooring, saving you time and money!


Trying to choose the right color and wood flooring for your New York or New Jersey home? There are so many choices these days, especially what we can provide through NYNJ Flooring. From native hardwoods to exotic hardwoods, it seems there is every spectrum on the color palette available. Today we will cover what a dark wood floor will do for your home, office, or room.

The most common natural dark hardwood available on the market today is walnut. Usually available in planks or strips, walnut has a natural dark tone, especially in its heartwood. The dark wood creates a warm and inviting ambiance wherever it is used.

Dark hardwoods are also very popular for a contemporary look. Today’s respected interior designers often choose dark colors as neutrals in order to create an overall mood for their concept design. In order to use dark hardwoods for a balanced effect, however, it must be balanced with lighter accents in the room. For instance, create harmony in a room with dark flooring and light-colored furniture and/or light-colored exposed beams.

For another nice effect on dark hardwood flooring is to use a high-gloss finish so it acts like a mirror and reflects the room’s furnishings. It will also give a room a bigger sense of depth.

If you don’t have light colored furnishings, metal also contrasts with dark floors too. This is a class contemporary pairing. Or get creative with colors that really pop! Peach, lavender, or mint colors work really well with dark floors.

Find out what dark hardwood flooring we have available for your project by calling us at NYNJ Flooring. We’ll set up an appointment and bring samples.  Contact us today at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com to schedule a visit.


For today’s homeowners throughout New York and New Jersey, they are looking for something authentic, yet familiar, and the answer we provide at NYNJ Flooring is rustic hardwood flooring. Rustic flooring has a vintage flair, textured looks, and earth-toned colors that provide an inviting ambiance and unique look in every home.

Rustic hardwood flooring is achieved by adding, accentuating, or preserving time-worn patina, hand-scraped hardwoods, and/or distressed-look hardwood flooring. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring planks are available in a variety of native hardwoods, such as oak, hickory, maple, and birch. Each plank is hand-scraped to create a worn, rustic look.

Combined with professionally stained planks and distressing techniques, the floors “pop” with rich characteristics, like nail holes, rich wood grains, and burls. These looks are highlighted in wider flooring planks, those six inches or wider, as they have more surface area that acts as a “canvas” for the nuances that are brought out by skilled flooring craftsman.

When you add random width patterns and earth-toned colors, the nostalgia is forefront and center in the flooring. Earth-toned colors essentially invite the outdoors inside and create a deep connection to the natural world. Honey-colored browns and golds make for a lighter, spacious feel for every room. If you like darker hues, rustic reds and dark browns are also available, and they can provide a richer, more dramatic look in your home. These darker colors can complement lighter window dressings and furnishings, or if you have light-colored walls and picture frames.

Here at NYNJ Flooring we create a vintage look for your home or office or building that fits into modern lifestyles. We create floors that last lifetimes. Call us today at 732-898-0798 or www.nynjflooring.com to book an estimate.