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NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey

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NYNJ Flooring, NY/NJ Flooring, NY-NJ FlooringWherever you live in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, NYNJ Flooring saves customers money and offers incredible hardwood floor installation expertise. Our company, NYNJ Flooring, is renowned for its service across NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. We are committed to using premium hardwood flooring products that match our premium services. NYNJ Flooring works all over NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey in staining, refinishing, and hard wood flooring installation.

Check out www.nynjflooring.com. It’s where you’ll find many of our best projects from NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey. Are you ready for more, bigger, better hardwood floors in your home? Regardless of where your home is in the NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey area, we can bring you new hardwood floors, and services such as refinishing. All homeowners in NYC, Pennsylvania, or New Jersey should know us by name, NYNJ Flooring. We bring beauty indoors!

NYNJ Flooring Services

  • Hardwood Floor Installation in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – Hardwood floor installation goes by “NYNJ Flooring,” so we say. When we start a new flooring project, we first remove the former hardwood floor, followed by installing the new flooring. Once the hard wood floors are installed professionally, a NYNJ Flooring staff member tours your home with you to guarantee we got it right.
  • NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Hardwood Floor Refinishing – Refinishing hardwood flooring should not be left to amateurs. Thankfully, NY NJ Flooring is considered one of the best. We take pride in working with each customer, making sure every project is done correctly and professionally (www.nynjflooring.com). No corners are cut at NYNJ Flooring.
  • Sanding in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – NYNJ Flooring knows that only the best tools in the right hands can produce the best results, especially true for sanding hardwood floors. All our projects are sanded and smoothed so they are primed for staining. As we all know, sanding creates a lot of dust, but NY NJ Flooring guarantees your home will be dust-free throughout the sanding procedure.
  • Staining in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – At NYNJ Flooring, we can match a stain of any color. In fact, we can even change your hardwood floor through staining into something entirely new and different. See our many examples at www.nynjflooring.com.
  • Hardwood Flooring Restoration in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey – NY NJ Flooring is the expert in hardwood floor restoration. Our talented staff can restore any hardwood flooring and make it shine like new again.
  • NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Flooring Removal – Before any new floor can go in, the old must come out. We will remove the flooring and dispose of it for you. See all our before/after photos at www.nynjflooring.com.
  • Our NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey Dust Free Guarantee – Dust and debris can be created by any refinishing or re-flooring project. However, at NYNJ Flooring we guarantee to keep your home clean. It’s our Dust Free Guarantee, and it applies to all our NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey-based projects.

The NYNJ Flooring Crew

If you live in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey and you need your floors refinished, restored, removed, or changed from carpet to hardwood flooring, give our NYNJY Flooring crew a call. Our business is ready to show off its years real-world experience and provide your NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey home exactly what it has been missing.

Contact NYNJ Flooring

Call the NYNJ Flooring customer service department at (732)768-0741 or www.nynjflooring.com to have a free estimate. Big jobs or small hardwood floors, NYNJ Flooring does them all!

Call NYNJ Flooring for all hard wood flooring projects in NYC, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey!


NJNY Flooring

Providing the ideal combination of great customer service, top quality products, and remarkably affordable pricing is how the team here at NYNJ Flooring sets itself apart from New Jersey’s other hardwood flooring companies. We know that every job is important no matter what the size or type, and we work hard to understand our customers, their wishes and needs, and the goals they have set for their project. We would love to make your dreams for your home come true as well!

When the time comes to have your hardwood floors refinished, simply give us a call. At NYNJ Flooring, we can make your worn floors look brand new again. Our team of experts has years of experience working on refinishing projects of all sizes and difficulties, and you will find that we can make even the most worn floors look like they are brand new again. Whether you want to match the original color or to create a brand new, unique look, we can help!

We excel in the refinishing process in many ways:

Expert Prep Work: You will find that our experienced team will spend ample time preparing both your home and your floors for refinishing. We know that preparation and cleanup are critical aspects of our job, and we will work hard to protect your fixtures and to cover all of your vents to help keep dust and debris at bay. We will also vacuum up any small, loose particles before we begin work.

Smooth Sanding: Using a combination of hand tools and professional sanding tools, our team will work to create a smooth and beautiful finish on your floors. We usually make multiple passes with our equipment and you will find that we exercise great patience during this process. We will also work to create an adequate ventilation plan to help contain and eliminate all of the dust and debris that is created during the refinishing process.

Buffering: This step is a key element in our dust free guarantee. After we sand your floors, our experts will utilize a detailed buffering process in order to remove all dust and debris created during the sanding process.

Staining: This is often the most exciting part of the process for our customers. Our team of experts will work with you to help you pick the perfect stain to cover your floors. Whether you want to match your cabinets, match existing floors, or to create a brand new look, you will find that our vast selection offers what you need. When we are ready to apply the stain, you will find that we do exactly what it takes to make everything even and that we will utilize multiple coats in order to achieve the ideal, lasting look. After the stain has been applied and has dried, we will buff your floors.

Cleanup: Our dust free guarantee is a point of pride at NYNJ Flooring. While dust and debris may be a part of the refinishing process, they shouldn’t be your problem. We will do everything it takes to leave your home as clean as it was when we arrived.

You can’t trust just anyone to refinish your hardwood floors. Thanks to great prices, an excellent crew, top notch materials, professional installation, and free estimates, our customers say that www.nynjflooring.com is Northern New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania’s top hardwood floor company. Give us a call at (732) 768-0741 or (908) 433-6370 today to schedule an appointment for a free estimate and let’s get started on your hardwood flooring today!