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Everyone has questions about hardwood. It’s not just you and you will not sound like a curious toddler who asks too many questions if you need to pick the brains of our NYNJ Flooring professionals. If you’ve got questions, NYNJ Flooring has answers. Read on for answers to three of the more common questions people have about hardwood.

  1. Where in the house is the best place to lay hardwood flooring?

The answer depends on what is under the surface you’ll be covering with hardwood from NYNJ Flooring. For the most part, hardwood works best on the ground level of your home. In other words, it isn’t wise to use hardwood in basements because moisture from the ground below can seep into the wood and cause degradation and decay. If you choose to use it, go with an engineered wood that is factory sealed. Depending on the subfloor, it’s OK to use hardwood in your upstairs rooms, but not always advisable. See, hardwood can be a bit noisy and if you use it in upstairs bedrooms, you’ll probably hear every bump and step from above when you’re down below.

  1. Can wood floor be put on top of any type of subfloor?

Plywood, particle board and concrete are the three main types of subflooring in homes today. Depending on which one you have, you’ll need to choose right kind of hardwood flooring to get the best floor. For concrete subfloors, the wood floor choice will probably be engineered wood. This is real wood that consists of layers of veneer that is sealed in the factory and is no less beautiful and functional than regular hardwood. You can always lay plywood on top of the concrete but it will need to be glued down flat by a professional with experience in this field. If you subfloor is made of particle board, you will need to replace it with good old-fashioned plywood before installing hardwood floors. Therefore, the best choice in subflooring is definitely plywood.

  1. Who lives in your house and what kind of lifestyle do you lead?

When you have a large family with lots of children romping about, installing hardwood flooring makes a lot of sense. It’s easy to clean and care for while all hardwood for flooring is considered versatile and strong, the toughest type is red oak. It can stand up to years of heavy traffic and children.





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NYNJ FlooringAre you thinking about adding or restoring hardwood floors in your home? Remodeling different parts of your home can add different levels of value to your home. Check out this infographic prepared by eLocal.com that indicates the value of projects from a buyer’s perspective.

See the phrase, “Hardwood is the most sought-after flooring by home buyers”? Furthermore, it states, “adding new flooring can be surprisingly affordable.”

Give NYNJ Flooring a call today to find out just how affordable hardwood flooring can be in the New York and New Jersey area.



NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ Flooring, NY/NJ FlooringCustomers of NYNJ Flooring who want to have a hardwood floor installed in a home or a condominium have a chance to enjoy the opportunity of making several different choices. Each such opportunity has been provided to them by NY NJ Flooring, due to that Company’s policy of providing customers with four options. Yet, no customer gets overwhelmed by the need to make separate decisions. The options are introduced one-at-a-time, during the course of the installation process.

The first option concerns selection of the type of wood that will be used. NYNJ Flooring provides its customers with the chance of choosing between birch, walnut, oak, maple, pine and fir. Various factors can persuade a customer to favor one particular wood over the other. Sometimes, the price can be a determining factor.  The costs involved in finishing some woods are greater than those that are expected to arise when the same procedure has been performed on a different type of wood.

Ultimately, staining will determine the color of the finished floor. Still, a stain cannot cause a light wooden plank to take-on a hue that matches that of dark lumber from a different tree. Consequently, color preferences can influence a decision made by a customer of NY NJ Flooring, even before the time for staining has arrived.

Now, a hardwood floor can be integrated into the elements of just about any room, regardless of the color or colors found in each such element. That fact has been emphasized in the posted material on the website of . Still, there a customer may have other reasons for preferring a lighter or a darker wood.

One option that we ensure no one overlooks is the choice to use your existing hardwood flooring that may be hidden under your carpet flooring. In many cases, these hardwood floors just need a little refinishing and they can look incredible. We don’t always suggest installing new flooring when what you have is your best choice. You can trust NYNJ Flooring to inform you of all your options so you can make the right choice for your hardwood flooring project.


NYNJ Flooring, NY NJ Flooring, NY-NJ FlooringSome of the material posted on the website of NYNJ Flooring can be seen as undeniable proof or our great customer service. That website contains a number of testimonials. Of course, you may also hear remarks that serve as further evidence of our great customer service. For instance, you might hear that one of our past clients has mentioned NY NJ Flooring, when guiding a friend or relative to a reliable company, one that is experienced in the installation and refinishing of hardwood floors.

Some aspects of the services we provide to our customers appear so fleetingly that they tend to go unnoticed. For example, some people tend to miss the evidence of our efficiency. That is because so many other contractors make a habit of delaying the completion of a planned project. We never do that; our crews get in and out in as efficient a manner as possible.

Of course, the beauty of a hardwood floor exhibits a larger amount of permanence. Indeed, the website of NYNJ Flooring mentions the permanence of a hardwood floor. In fact, all the qualities of that particular surface can be expected to enhance that room in which it has been placed. We work to ensure a customer’s ability to witness a maximum level of enhancement.

We do that by making sure that each crew from NY NJ Flooring takes the time to speak with the customer who has ordered either a floor installation or the refinishing of an existing hardwood surface. That same crew pays close attention to any details that are mentioned in the customer’s comments. If our crew chose to ignore such details, the completed surface would do a much poorer job of enhancing the room in which it has been placed.

Any time that a contractor works in your home, the contractor’s approach can indicate the extent to which you, the customer have been considered. Here at NYNJ Flooring, we do not proceed with any planned project without taking the affected family into consideration. In fact, even the way we go about securing equipment demonstrates our concern for our customers.

NY NJ Flooring provides its crews with updated equipment. As a result, the tools that any one of our crews has been given a chance to work with, while performing a sanding procedure, actually manages to reduce the amount of dust that can be created. That fact allows us to offer our dust free guarantee. Our readiness to honor that same guarantee should be seen as further proof of our great customer service.

In fact, our dust-free guarantee truly sets a new standard of service for hardwood flooring and restoration. We promise that our work will not leave dust or debris in your home. As you know, working with woods can cause a lot of sawdust and sanding dust. We know how to minimize and remove this dust when the project is complete. In fact, we guarantee it!