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2014 Hardwood Flooring Trends

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Styles come and styles go, and for 2014 there are some noteworthy trends developing in hardwood floors. If you want to have the latest flooring installed anywhere in New York or New Jersey, NYNJ Flooring can do it and save you money. Let’s take a look at what’s popular this year.

Dark hardwood flooring is in! From walnut to ebony and Jacobean stain colors, dark flooring provides a rich, contemporary look. The one “con” is they can show dirt and scratches more easily, but using an extra coat of poly in high-traffic areas (or an area rug), and that’s no problem.

Getting away from reds and oranges seems to be popular. Now it’s about browns and golds, as they are more neutral and easier to decorate with, easier to match with paint colors and accents. Brown, especially, allows you to change your look more easily as trends continue to change (or seasons change).

Some say “gray is the new black,” and it’s certainly been hot for many years now. Grays occur naturally in maples and birch hardwood flooring, and gray absorbs darker colors really well, so if you have dark accents and furnishings this might be right for you. Gray can also be achieved through staining hardwood flooring, which is a service we provide at NYNJ Flooring. Mixing white wash and ebony stains makes a nice gray color stain.

More New York and New Jersey homeowners are opting to finish floors onsite rather than bring in prefinished flooring. That means floors have a better edging and flow. In essence, they look more real and smooth.

Last, forget the gloss. Satin is way in! Glossy finishes can really showcase footprints and scratches, so satin is more manageable and easier to maintain.

Have thoughts about what’s hot? Contact us at NYNJ Flooring at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com to discuss your ideas.


For today’s homeowners throughout New York and New Jersey, they are looking for something authentic, yet familiar, and the answer we provide at NYNJ Flooring is rustic hardwood flooring. Rustic flooring has a vintage flair, textured looks, and earth-toned colors that provide an inviting ambiance and unique look in every home.

Rustic hardwood flooring is achieved by adding, accentuating, or preserving time-worn patina, hand-scraped hardwoods, and/or distressed-look hardwood flooring. Hand-scraped hardwood flooring planks are available in a variety of native hardwoods, such as oak, hickory, maple, and birch. Each plank is hand-scraped to create a worn, rustic look.

Combined with professionally stained planks and distressing techniques, the floors “pop” with rich characteristics, like nail holes, rich wood grains, and burls. These looks are highlighted in wider flooring planks, those six inches or wider, as they have more surface area that acts as a “canvas” for the nuances that are brought out by skilled flooring craftsman.

When you add random width patterns and earth-toned colors, the nostalgia is forefront and center in the flooring. Earth-toned colors essentially invite the outdoors inside and create a deep connection to the natural world. Honey-colored browns and golds make for a lighter, spacious feel for every room. If you like darker hues, rustic reds and dark browns are also available, and they can provide a richer, more dramatic look in your home. These darker colors can complement lighter window dressings and furnishings, or if you have light-colored walls and picture frames.

Here at NYNJ Flooring we create a vintage look for your home or office or building that fits into modern lifestyles. We create floors that last lifetimes. Call us today at 732-898-0798 or www.nynjflooring.com to book an estimate.