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Why Do You Want Hardwood Flooring?

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There are always many options when designing or remodeling your home, especially in New York and New Jersey, where we have access to nearly everything imaginable. At NYNJ Flooring, however, we go over the reasons why hardwood flooring makes sense for your project, or your room. Here are some things to consider.

Hardwood floors are classically beautiful. It creates a “wow factor” when people visit your home. Their eyes are immediately drawn down to the floor, following the grain and admiring the stain of the hardwood. They see it, as you do, as an investment in the home and will increase its value, and it will last for generations!

Depending on your lifestyle and budget, there are many options available with hardwood flooring. They can offer a natural rustic look, or something that’s clean and contemporary.

But did you know that hardwood flooring can actually improve your health? Hardwood floors can alleviate symptoms caused by allergens because they don’t get caught in flooring as they do in carpets and fibers. Moreover, hardwood flooring is softer than tile, and if you spend hours in the kitchen, your feet will be thankful for it.

Wood flooring is also very fun. It’s nostalgic; it’s meaningful. Remember when kids slid across the room in socks, rolled balls and cars as far as they could across them? Living with hardwood flooring is a statement that you care about your home’s worth and your family’s health and happiness.

If you want to know more about hardwood flooring options, contact NYNJ Flooring at 732-898-0798 and 908-433-6370 or www.nynjflooring.com today! We will go over all options available to you, from strip flooring, laminate flooring, and plank flooring. We will also know if we can restore your existing flooring, saving you time and money!



Have Some Fun with Leftover Flooring

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Maybe you’ve had NYNJ Flooring pull up your old hardwood floors and you don’t want all of it to end up somewhere else in New York or New Jersey. Well, there a few fun projects that use extra flooring.

Given that not every room is a perfect square, extra flooring happens. One creative project is to use multiple planks, even of differing lengths to make a piece of wall art. Just glue leftover floor boards until you get the width you want, then paint, stain, stencil, or do an image transfer onto the wood sign you created. Just add picture hangers and you’re done!

Using a similar technique as above, you can easily make a rectangle “canvas” with glued flooring planks and then treat it as an actual canvas. Prime and paint whatever you want, then hang it wherever you need some “new/old” art masterpiece.

Wood is naturally appealing, especially if stains are applied. Simply arranged differently colored/stained flooring pieces in a horizontal fashion can create some amazing works of wall art.

Do you know what else uses straight planks of wood? Yes, picture frames! With a miter box and saw, you can easily cut 45-degree angles in old hardwood flooring pieces and make stunning picture frames. If you don’t want to put up a wall full of family photos, you can also frame pressed leaves, flowers or botanical prints from old books.

NYNJ Flooring has a crew with decades of hardwood flooring experience. If you want to do a project with your old flooring, or flooring pieces, just sound off some ideas on our crew. Who knows, we may even have some ideas for you! Get in touch with our NYNJ Flooring customer service team at 732-898-0798 or www.nynjflooring.com to schedule a free estimate.


NYNJ Flooring, NY/NJ Flooring,  NY-NJ FlooringConsider the costs incurred by the homeowner who must replace some carpeting that has become worn or stained.  Sometimes, that expensive addition to a residence soon loses its appeal, because it features an out-dated design. Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Hence, it adds value to the condominium or house in which it has been used.

Moreover, that value has been enhanced by some of the other characteristics of a wooden floor. Such a floor helps the residents in a home to feel a bit warmer on a cold winter day. It can complement the beauty of a room’s furnishings. Furthermore, each such characteristic contributes to a home’s value for an extended period of time.

A homeowner may believe that such a beautiful and long-lasting product must be expensive. Actually, installation of such floors does not force the owner of a family dwelling to invest a large amount of money. For those consumers who seek an inexpensive means for replacing carpets with a wooden surface, engineered wood flooring should be considered as sensible option.

Those who elect to pursue that option get to walk on a layer of solid wood, one that covers layers which contain a different sort of material. Under that layer of premium material there are several layers of low-cost woods. The entire surface looks as lovely as genuine hardwood flooring, but it manages to withstand heat and humidity much better than a surface that has been constructed from only the finest of woods.

That means that such surfaces can be utilized in a basement. That is just the sort of spot where a family does not require an expensive option. Still, parents and their children can benefit from the floor’s ability to provide added warmth, while enhancing the appeal of the room in that underground level.

Realtors have learned from experience that a possible buyer tends to prefer a house with wood floors. Homeowners appreciate the extent to which acknowledgement of such a preference can be used to shorten the time that a given house remains on the market. Typically, that short time-span ends with completion of a deal that allows the seller to acquire a substantial amount of extra cash.

A consumer’s readiness to invest in engineered wood flooring does not mean that such a decision eliminates the chances for negotiating a great deal. That fact underlines the option’s appeal in the eyes of a family on a budget. A budget-minded shopper can get estimates from various companies and seek a company that offers both low prices and lots of flexibility, when it comes time to schedule the required installation.

For those who live in the Tri-state area, an examination of such estimates is sure to spotlight the desirability of NYNJ Flooring. It frequently works with shoppers who must limit the amount of cash that will be spent on a floor’s new surface. Moreover, estimates offered by the company’s technician will not be altered, once the requested product covers the selected room or rooms. Those consumers who seek more information can click onto www.nynjflooring.com. Alternatively, that search for more details could entail placement of a phone call to (732) 768-0741 or to this number: (908) 433-6370.